Priest With His Cross, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Australia to Africa

Priest With His Cross, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Here Come the Stones

Ethiopia |

Riding on a perfectly laid out gravel road and driving through traditional villages was truly the essence behind why I travel by motorcycle.  Now, if I had been on a bus, I would be limited to taking the main highway and only stopping at the usual stops, being harassed by vendors selling overpriced bottles of coke to unsuspecting tourists. Read more...

Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia

The Icing On The Cake

Ethiopia |

Have you ever come across a Gecko, that’s just forgotten to hold on? I think that’s what the scouts thought I was about to do, with one hand on my bottom and another grabbing my hand trying to drag me up the rock face. Read more...

Ethiopia Girl, Ethiopia

Tiny Little Savages!

Ethiopia |

Leaving behind the dust, we were once again back on solid asphalt, riding through open plains dotted with round wooden huts. On one side I could see the mountain range that separates the bitter tension between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Read more...

Break time, Ethiopia

Bellowing Clouds and Invisible Trucks

Ethiopia |

You always make a rough plan on where you are heading to and what you are seeing. While in Gondar I had laid out a route through the northern areas of Ethiopia, trying to cover most of the historical sites and hopefully driving through some of the beautiful mountain landscapes, a welcome change after being in the desert since Pakistan! Read more...

Baboons, Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Settling into Ethiopia

Ethiopia |

Children peer through the chicken wire mesh walled customs house, watching me eat my ‘Happy Cow’ cheese sandwich, sitting on a wooden plank waiting for the usual one hour Sudanese breakfast break at eleven in the morning to be over, before starting the customs paper work to export my bike out of Sudan.  Read more...

Danielle Murdoch, Near Border of Ethiopia, Sudan

‘Tomorrow Inshalla’

North Sudan |

‘Tomorrow Inshalla’, ‘Tomorrow Inshalla’, ‘Tomorrow Inshalla’, I think I had about five days of tomorrow inshalla. But still nothing was happening, I just walked three kilometres to the port, just to hear them say ‘Tomorrow Inshalla’.  Read more...

White Desert, Egypt

Disaster on the Western Desert Highway

Egypt |

My small petrol tank has been on my mind for many months as I can only travel 220km before I hit reserve. I actually managed to get a slightly larger tank before I left Australia, but for Africa, where the distance between petrol stations is growing, my slightly larger tank isn’t going to work. Read more...