Danielle Murdoch

Danielle Murdoch a Woman Motorcyclist

Danielle Murdoch left Brisbane, Australia in October 2010 with the idea to travel halfway around the world from Australia overland through countries such as Sri Lanka, controversial Pakistani, war torn Syria to get to Africa. Where in 2011 she started her African section of her journey.

Past Traveling by Motorcycle Experiences

In 2008, Danielle completed a ten month journey through South East Asia, Russia and Mongolia all on a XR 250.

She rode her XR through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia before leaving her bike there and head into Vietnam. In Vietnam she brought a 69 Honda SS50 and proceeded to travel the length of the country. She sold the SS50 in Hanoi before returning to her motorcycle in Cambodia. In Cambodia, she arranged a flight for her self and the XR to Korea. Then the transportation across the country to catch the ferry to Zarubino in Russia.

Once Danielle arrived in Russia, she proceeded to cross the country to the Mongolia border. Danielle entered into Mongolia and circumnavigated it then re-entered Russia and rode on to Moscow. At this point of the journey, Danielle ran out of money. She sold her motorcycle and used the money to buy her flight ticket home.

Danielle started travelling at the age of six when her family, decided to spend six months travelling around Europe in a bright orange camper van. This is where she got the taste of exploring, and what it is like to travel with a vehicle.

How Danielle Murdoch become a woman motorcycle traveler.

I needed to shake off that weight and feel free to explore how people lived their lives in other countries besides my own. I want to bring together the best of each different culture, to create my own style of living. How could I if I was stuck behind a desk in a small architectural firm? I needed to be out there breathing it in and ultimately living it.

In December 2006, leaving behind a desk full of paper, yellow trace and unique clients testing my abilities well beyond what I thought I could do, I found myself travelling around Laos by motorcycle, it was a great way to move along the arteries of the country reaching out into smaller communities. Finding myself far from the usual tourist destinations I felt a desire to give back to the community, for all the experiences and memories that they have given me by trying to spend the time with each one and helping them out on with their general daily activities and showing them my culture when it was appropriate.

Cartoon by Danielle Murdoch

I returned to my desk early January 2007, with its stale pile of papers and wrinkly trace that I knew wouldn’t change my life for the better. I could no longer focus on the world I had created around me as it no longer felt complete. I needed a change but I was not exactly sure what?

On a whim, I flew home to visit my Dad in the Marlborough Sounds (NZ) and made him listen to my heart. With my dreams pouring out of me, his response was perfect “If you really want to do this, you will make it happen.” With all the encouragement I needed to head back to Brisbane, with a big idea brewing…

It was not long after that I bought my first bike, a Honda XR 250. I had no idea about mechanics or how to ride it home, I had to get it delivered to my house. Over the following six months, thanks to my uncle, I learned how to strip my motorcycle down to its bare bones, designed pannier racks and developed an essential tool kit.

Mid October 2008, at twenty-eight, I have accomplished my first ten-month trip solo through South East Asia and North East Asia and now I am currently in the middle of another adventures from Australia to Africa over land through South East Asia, India, The Middle East to Egypt where I will start my circumnavigation of Africa.

Danielle Murdoch…