Danielle Murdoch, Darwin, Australia

Snippets From Darwin

| Australia

I could smell the rain before It hit, just at the same moment the skies opened up I spied a motorcycle shop to duck into before I was soaked through. Arranging for a new carburetor to be sent up from Suzuki warhorse, meant I would have a few days to kick around in Darwin with a ill motorcycle. After explaining all my mis-adventures to the service department guys, the manager asked if I want a job with them. Turning them down with a smile, I’ve learnt that the more I know about motorcycles the more I realize the less I know. Now I had 6 days to wait for my new part to arrive. What better to do then settle in and so some sight seeing. I settled down into a camping ground just 10 kilometers from the center of town, knowing the local bus stopped regularly outside the camping ground. Later that day, I was approached by a lady who I had noticed had paid particular interest into my arrival. She also rides bikes back home in Switzerland and loved the fact I was on my own traveling around on my tiny bike. This is why I like staying in camping grounds, you always meet people who share common interests and you.

While I felt uncomfortable using my bike around the city on my way to the bus stop, I was fortunate enough to meet a guy called Trevor that morning. Trevor picked me up off the side of the road when I was walking to the bus stop. He whisk me around Darwin and showed me  the sights and sounds. I was happy to be off the bike and out of the sun and especially not to have to navigate around by myself.

When my new carbie arrived NT Motorcycles allowed me to swap them over outside their front door, to save me labour costs.

Roel, is a overland traveller staying at Zehpyr and Karas house inbetween working. I personally thing, he’s filling up that massive box with women!

Tomorrow, I have to load my bike onto the the ship to Dili, East Timor, I just had to take one last final picture with it, just encase the boat sank!

Well thats the end of my Australian adventure, now its time to move onto East Timor.Thanks to everyone who helped me get to Darwin which allowed me to move onto my next destination.

Good bye Australia!