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It is unusual for me, but I had received some disappointing results medically the day before. Not realising that the news would hit me so hard, I found my self stuck in bed when it was time to start work. Not long after I made the call to work, Mel cheered me up with dragging me to a café to get my morning shot of coffee.Later on that morning, another friend pops around to make sure I am ok, sitting around the glass outdoor table, we all sip our green teas.

My phone comes to life with ‘Beck’ screaming from its tiny microphone. Noting that it is an unknown number I answer it with ‘Danielle speaking’ ‘Hi, It’s Kylie from Australian Geographic’ my heart beating madly, if only I could get their support! ‘We would like to support your adventure’. This is when I started dancing around the back garden ‘oh wow’ I just managed to spit out ‘That’s amazing, thank you!’
I couldn’t believe it, It was a dream come true. I found it hard to concentrate and ask Kylie all the right questions about the grant. All I wanted to do was tell Louise and Mel. Eventually I removed the phone from my ear and was able to dance my way back to the table not been able to sit down. Words bursting from my mouth I tell the others my news. Still prancing, I rang Louise.
Mel and Louise worked with me over the last few weeks putting together my proposal. They read every word a hundred times over, questioning every word making sure my statements were accurate. Thanks a lot Louise and Mel, I could not have done it with out you too. Especially since I know, you both are busy too.
What could have been a hard day, quickly turned out to be one of the best days, I was lucky to be able to share it with my good friends. That night we opened a couple of bottles of champagne.

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Lastly I want to thank Australian Geographic Society for supporting me.