Danielle Murdoch, Brisbane, Australia

Brimmm Brimmm sounds like music to my ears.

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Leaping into position, I push down lightly on the kick-starter. Hearing the sweet sound of the piston pushing through the cylinder and the air forced out the exhaust, just made me want to push down harder on the second kick. Following through on the next one, I heard the same sound, but nothing happened. Again and again nothing… On the fifth stroke, I thought this is stupid. Dismounting I take a look at the spark plug connections. Sure enough, I had forgotten to connect the tiny wires that join the spark plug with the CPU. Not a good start to the day!

Placing the petrol tank back on the bike and connecting the hoses up once again. I returned to my position. Again, pushing down on the kick-starter, the engine failed to come to life. Starting to get frustrated, I check all the connections once again. When I looked at the ignition and discovered I had forgotten to put the key in and turn the bike on! I return moments later from the house with the key in my hot little hand. I inserted it and placed in the ‘on’ position. There was no need to worry about flatting the battery, as the motorcycle didn’t have one.

Everything looked good. The only think that wasn’t connected was the kill switch. I removed the spark plug lead and installed the one off my older DR. Again, nothing happened. I remove the lead and re-installed the original one. Retiring to the computer, I hope that I will be able to find an answer in someone else’s posts. That’s when a friend notices I’m on line and gives me a call. Reading from his workshop manual, He tells me that I need to check the ignition and the kill switch is connected properly. Knowing I haven’t connected the kill switch, I gave it ago. Connecting the two wires leading out of the kill switch to, two of the four available. I try push down on the kick, while watching for a spark to appear at the end of the spark plug.

Again, nothing happens…

With nothing else to try, I grab a can of WD-40, spayed all the electrical connections, and inside the spark plug lead. I even got my smallest screwdriver and scrapped the insides out of the lead. Finally, on my last desperate kick I saw a tiny yellow spark. I swapped plugs and there it was a beautiful bright blue spark. Screwing the plug back into position, I gave the kick-starter a good hearty kick. The three months of silence ended as the bike finally roared to life.