Buff (R) Headwear

Buff® Joins the Motomonkey Team

| Australia to Africa Sponsorship

Jumping onto my bike early on Saturday morning bound for Budrium on the Sunshine coast. I had an appointment with the couple from Buff®. Finding there house located high in the hills with beautiful outlook over the rolling hills.

Slightly shaking from the cold ride up, I was handed a steaming cup of coffee to ease the chill. Inge and Edward, sat down with me and explained all their different types. I was then shown the patterns and asked to select my favourites.
Not only did they give me the different types of Buff®, which I will require for my trip. They gave me a list of companies for different types of tents, water treatments, and fabrics. They are an amazing couple, with a huge heart.

Riding out of the gates of their house and heading to friends house. Len left England to move to Australia, but took the alternative route to get here. He road his BMW F650 Dakar through the Middle East, Central Asia, China, and South East Asia. Since joining our gang of motley motorcycles ranging from postie bikes, Triumphs, BMW, and Suzuki on a Sunday ride out, he has become a good friend.

Len has some great advice about South East Asia and hands me the corresponding maps and a few bits and pieces from his first aid kit to take with me on my journey. After warming up over a hot bowl of soup, I prepared for the cold ride home in the drizzling rain. Rugging up with my new ‘Cyclone’ Buff®, I thought I was prepared, until Len returns from inside and hands me a pair of odd three finger gloves. These gloves work by, sliding over your existing gloves. This turns my mesh summer gloves into cosy wind/water resistant gloves. Feeling the change in temperature was instant. I felt completely warm and defiantly prepared!

Since that ride home, I spent a week using the ‘Cyclone’ Buff®. Completely screened from the bitter cold Brisbane mornings. I wore it until I could feel the temperature was well above ten degrees celcius. I got out the merino ‘Wool’ Buff®, which is probably more appropriate for this climate!