20th of March

| India

A common question that is always pops up from my friends, family and readers is, ‘why are you doing this?’. I have many answers to that question ranging from the simple – ‘I love to travel’, to more in depth answers such as ‘wanting to inspire people- especially women- to take a leap off the fence and follow their desires.’ But even these answers had to come from somewhere and I have realised mine come directly from my family.

It helped to have two parents who took me travelling through Europe at the age of seven. Hearing stories of my father travelling through Africa in his twenties and being home schooled from the most beautiful and remote part of New Zealand also helped. But what it really boils down to is one event that happened in my family almost ten years ago.

When I was 20 years old my mother (aged 37) was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. No matter how much fighting my mother did, it sadly took her away from us only six months later. Breast cancer, we have since discovered runs in our family genes. Three out of four women (my mother and two of her sisters) have had breast cancer. Thankfully for us the other two sisters are survivors. We are now finding out that some of us in the next generation also have this deformity in our genes.

At that time of my mothers death, I felt as if I was bumbling along in life. Borrowing dreams of others, not caring about my own future or love of life. It seamed as if that was to be my life. When I finally woke from the daze of mourning my mother several months later, I opened my eyes with a fresh view of life. I could now see so much potential in myself, something that I now realise that my parents were trying to give me all along with my quirky up bringing.

Because of my mothers short life, I now have a complete understanding of how brief life can be. Not wanting to waste a single moment and having inherited my mothers stubborn ways, I have the urge to attempt every dream I have. This is why you now find me in India on a motorcycle,planning to reach and circumnavigate Africa, hoping I open your eyes up to the world as my mother did for me.