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A Carpet Room Or A Toilet Cell?

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The little village of Toodeshk was the home of a young man, who at the age of 13 was working hard and was really curious about these travellers he saw cycling past him. He then approached them to offer them a place to stay and food for the night all for free. Thirteen years later he has arrange two beautiful rooms within his house with four extremely comfortable beds, a huge space for motorcycle, bicycle and van parking and he even has tools on offer to fix anything! I didn’t do this place justice as I arrived late and left early to Esfahan.

Being a cheap ass as I am, I rented myself a space in the carpet room in Esfahan. Now to most people this sounds like a romantic space with carpets on the wall and floors. However when I walked downstairs to the basement, I discovered it really was a converted toilet block.Four mattresses lined up side by side with not an inch of space between and only 600mm at the foot of them. There were, I guess, carpets under the mattresses but they soon dissolved under the piles of backpacks. I wonder who these fellow cheap-skates were? I soon discover my fellow inmates were three Australians. Wow, this was going to be a great night in our private toilet block.

Despite the dull and boring guesthouse and my very own unique toilet cell, I was extremely happy to find myself surrounded with familiar accents. I spent the afternoon catching up with Moshen and his friends down at Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Nath and Gonzague arrived the following day. I could finally feel my spirits lifting, it was exactly what I needed, one tablespoon of tourist along with a beautiful destination.

The best thing about Nath and Gonzague arriving was they didn’t mind me tagging along with them while we saw the sights of Esfahan even to the point they stood there and read out loud from the guide book in English about the different sites, once again proving them to be the best guides I’ve ever got to know!

Here is what we got up to in Esfahan:

Imam Mosque, Esfahan, Iran

Imam Mosque, Esfahan, Iran

Bazar-e Bozorg, Esfahan, Iran

Nath and Gonzague trying to walk into someone’s house without knocking – great guides!!

Jameh Mosque, Esfahan, Iran

Ghal-e-Tabarok, Esfahan, Iran, Iran

Tea House Entrance

A Detail of the roof of Ali Qapu Palace, Esfahan, Iran, Iran

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