Jameh Mosque, Yazd

Fresh Bread And Two Awesome Guides

| Iran

Squinting as I look up into the deep blue sky to the cooling towers and minarets that extrude into the skyline, I drag my fingers along the narrow alleyway walls, feeling the warmth from the mud and straw texture under my tips, absent minded I follow the smell of fresh bread wafting into the air. Boy it was good to be a normal tourist for a change, the past few weeks shed from my mind and I myself returning back to normal once again.

I allowed myself to be lead around the city by two of the best guides, Nath and Gonzague. A Belgium couple over-landing on a tandem bicycle! Check out their website – Click here
Here is how we spent our day wondering around the old city captured in these photographs:

Wooden Door With Blue Bricks, Jameh Mosque, Yazd, Iran

Male Door Knocker – only men can use this knocker.

Female Door Knocker – If the women inside the building hears this knocker they then know they do not have to cover up.

Making bread in Iran – I bit more modern than Pakistan!

This lady kissed me several times on the cheek, it took me ages to work out that this was a custom in Iran!

This building stored water, which in winter would freeze and turn into ice that the people used to keep their food cool in summer.

A typical alley in Yazds

Jameh Mosque

Bazaar which was closed due to special friday

Inside the dome of Jameh Mosque

Cycle shop – im just not sure when was the last time this owner cleaned?

Tile pattern of Jameh Mosque

Inside the water museum

Cooling / Wind towers – These helped keep the building a lot cooler during the summer months

This sketch shows how they get light down several stories underground – nice idea

Sugar – Iranians use sugar in there teas all the time, these guys are making the fancy sugar you find in the tea houses all around the city.

We managed to sneak up some stairs to try and get a photo overlooking the old city. In the foreground you see another  water storage.