Pink Flamingos, Lake Naivasha National Park, Kenya

Roadside Zoo!

| Kenya

While Jungle Junction is an amazing place to hang out and re charge your batteries (I however lack a battery on my bike) get the low down on the places you want to be wondering through next. Overwhelmed by the amount of overlanders I felt as if it was time to get away for a few day and head North West to Hells Gate National Park so I can finally see some African wildlife! All the national parks in Kenya are way out of my budget, but I felt as if I should go to at least one. Hells Gate has only a $20 entry fee and apparently the scenery is what inspired the Lion Kings setting. Teaming that up with a Green Crater Lake, on the edge of Lake Naibasha, only a stone throw away from Nairobi could make a nice relaxing few days away from the city.

Mike, set out from Holland on a 6 month motorcycle trip down the west coast of Africa, that was two years ago! He arrived in South Africa, with the intensions of returning back to Holland, but decided he liked Africa and travelling so much he has been slowly making his way up the east coast ever since. Since we both were full of tip bits for each other, we forge a strong friendship and thought what better company to get out of the city with and enjoy the country side.

I Wanna See Animals, Lake Naivasha, Keny

Danielle And The Flamingos! Lake Naivasha National Park

When I set out from Nairobi, I never expected I would see any wildlife. However, I was wrong. Not far from Nairobi, just on the side of the road was a small herd of Zebras! My first wild, African animal – they probably thought the same as I leaped off my bike and ran over to try and take a closer picture. Then, just down the road, Mike points out another small herd of Giraffe’s semi hidden in the road side forest. To top it all off, we came across a whole lake full of my favourite birds – Pink Flamingos! This day just couldn’t get more exciting!

Danielle, Lake Naivasha National Park, Kenya

I’m in Africa!

My first Hippopotamus!

I never have any expectations for accommodation when it comes to third world countries, but I had been recommended to stay here by a passing overlander at Jungle Junction. Even still, I try not to get my hopes up. However, it was better than I hoped for! We were able to set up our tents, it had hot running water and then a short walk away was a beautiful view over the lake and a great restaurant. While enjoying a cold beer on a floating pontoon, we watched the giraffes eating in the background, a hippo wallowing in the reeds and two pink flamingos relaxing on the shore. Peace was all around us, this was the perfect place to unwind.