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| Australia to Africa Sponsorship

Perusing a copy of Trailzone magazine, I came across an article discussing the best tire iron to take on a trail ride. After reading all there pros and cons, I took a liking to a particular light weight T6 Aluminium tire iron, with a closed end hex spanner size depending on your rear wheel nut at one end. As an added bonus, you can also get an insert which fits neatly into the hex spanner and turns it into a 1/4 inch ratchet.

This was all sounding too good to me, as my existing tire irons, we the cheapest off the shelf stock standard. Some of the galvanizing was starting to flake off exposing the raw metal below. Not to mention that they were really heavy.

I approached Motion Pro for sponsorship and was over the moon when they agreed to back my endeavours with offering me the gear I needed. I quickly sent off a list, not only containing tools but a set of cables required for my motorcycle.

The cables are a in a black vinyl housing, with black fittings. This weekend, it will run the cables parcel to the existing ones and connect them up. I plan to keep the existing ones as spares, lubing them and then sealing the ends up to keep the dust out. I also got a cable lube to make my life a lot easier, I do not think Ill be taking this along with me on my trip, but when you will be lubing 6 cables, the bag with a tiny hole in it wont do the trick!

The other nifty thing I got, was the multi tool. This tool can be adjusted to remove 6,10,12 & 14 bolds, Phillips and flat head screw drivers and 5 & 6 Allen keys. Its includes a 10 & 12mm 1/4 inch drive. The most important item is the beer bottle opener on top, I like to also think its to lighten the piece.

All I have to do now, is filter through my old tool kit and my new one and put aside any double ups and put them all away in my brand new tool roll from Adventuremoto.
I’m looking forward to giving these tools a try in the real world!.