Packing My Panniers, Brisbane, Australia

Only a few days left!

| Australia Australia to Africa

With a less than a week to departure date, I am not feeling nervous at all, but really excited. So excited I can hardly wipe the smile off my face. But there is no time for that, I have a hundreds of tiny bits and pieces to cross of my list before I really can head off and enjoy my freedom. There are a few important items, I have to make sure I finished off this weekend, to ensure I was going to be able to leave on time.

On my last trip, I was quite proud to say, I carried fifteen kilograms on the back of my motorcycle at my heaviest during Russia and Mongolia. I predicted for this trip, my gear was going to exceed this due to adding a few luxury items, such as a computer and sketch pad. Wanting to get the misery out the way, I dumped all my gear into my bags in a haphazard way. Resting the bags on our general house hold scales, I got the biggest surprise. Both bags weighted between four and five kilograms! Adding my tent to the equation I have 11.8 kilograms.

Pulling everything out and spreading it all over my bedroom floor, I cut down any extra packaging. Re-taped taped things up and then grouped my toiletries, cooking equipment and motorcycle spare parts together into small packages. Stacking the tiny packages into my panniers, I fitted things in around each other like the computer game ‘Tetraus’. Knowing that these tidy well organised packages will make my life a lot easier in the future when hunting for something at a later date.