Danielle Murdoch

Packing List

Packing is a very personal time, some people love to try and get away with living with just the basics. Others love to pack everything including the kitchen sink. On my first adventure (Bangkok to Moscow 2008) I had only 15 kilograms tied onto the back of my bike. I looked at other overlanders green with envy when they pulled out something special. For my Australia to Africa adventure, I made sure I covered the basics and then added a few treats for myself. I have a few quick tips to ensure your packing doesn’t go over the top or leave you washing socks and undies every night!

Clothes – Unless you love washing make sure you pack enough socks and undies to last you a few days. I know there is a saying you can wear a pair eight times but seriously when it comes down to it, you can only do that for short term. If you’re travelling for many months then that level of high-gene isn’t going to cut it!Treat – You will see below I’ve decided to pack my sketch book, pens , pencils and a set of watercolours. This is my hobby, it makes me happy why leave it at home? Maybe you have a hobby you can downsize and bring along with you.

Sewing Kit – You don’t need to go out and find yourself a miniature compact set. These tend to be useless as there isn’t enough cotton to repair a rip let alone patch a hole! I suggest you find a reel of linen (its thick and strong), and one of cotton and a small packet of needles. Then you are covered two types of repairs no matter where you are in the world.

Remember, its not like you are leaving planet earth, wherever you go in the world you will always be able to find the stuff you need. Its actually the best way to discover a city and meet genuinely local people and experience their hospitality.