Jan and Danielle, Goa, India

Australia to Africa

Hampi, India

Beautiful Hampi

India |

I walk around the township of Hampi, with a clear head. I was finally awake enough to see the finer details. Lining the streets was small tourist trinket shops all begging you to come into there shops. Read more...


20th of March

India |

A common question that is always pops up from my friends, family and readers is, ‘why are you doing this?’. I have many answers to that question ranging from the simple – ‘I love to travel’, to more in depth answers such as ‘wanting to inspire people- especially women- to take a leap off the fence and follow their desires.’ But even these answers had to come from somewhere and I have realised mine come directly from my family. Read more...

Colour, India

From Dawn to Dusk Over Three Towns

India |

The sun hadn’t peered over the surrounding hills to burn the light fog that hung in the air. Shivering as I loaded my bike, I was hungry and felt dirty as I hadn’t been able to force my body into the freezing cold water for the entire time I’ve been here.  Read more...

The Bucket Man, India

Cows Are Everywhere!

India |

I knew from walking around the day before, exactly how to get out of the Maduri which made my morning navigation a lot easier, passing the same water tank we had walked out to the day before. Read more...

Danielle Murdoch, Maduri, India

Life In A Fish Bowl

India |

Packing my bags once again, with five Indian men all standing there staring at me while I load up my bike. One old lady kept on trying to sell me a package carefully wrapped up in newspaper and tied with a simple brown string. Read more...