Danielle Murdoch, India

Australia to Africa

Kandy Temple, Sri Lanka

It’s not my bike for a change.

Sri Lanka |

We are the three musketeers, all with visions of all riding Honda Baja around Sri Lanka, but that wasn’t the case. Mel got what we all dreamed of, Jarred a Honda AX-1 (an odd touring bike) and I, a Suzuki Djebel, a close sister to the DRZ-250 I use to ride at home (in fact it’s made better with the larger metal tank). Read more...

Fuel Station, East Timor

Where the Real Adventure Starts!

East Timor |

Excitement grew outwards, originating from my belly, I ignore the thought it could possibly be nerves. Peering through the plastic oval window of the aero plane down to the sharp green mountains ranges, trying their hardest to touch the wings of the plane, towering well above the raging brown rivers that sat awkwardly at their feet. Read more...