Al-Khazneh (Treasury), Petra, Jordan

Australia to Africa

Lets go to Africa, Turkey

A Sweaty Border Crossing

Syria |

I was sweating, but it wasn’t because I was wearing a pair of woollen socks given to me by a friend’s mother, motorcycle socks, thick thermal-ish tights from Turkey, pants, knee protectors, motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots, a bra, merino top, merino jersey, one pink jacket given to me in Iran, amour jacket, black water/wind proof jacket, motorcycle jacket and the warmest/ wind proof buff (please note – i had taken off my woollen gloves and my motorcycle summer gloves and in my bag was a pair of yellow rubber gloves for rainy days and my warm three fingered over glove that a friend gave me were stashed in front of my Speedo). Read more...

My new family, Iraq

Being A Kurdish Princess

Iran |

To completely contradict the start of my Iranian visit, it ended it on such a high note, with a family in Sanadaj. Sanadaj is in the heart of Kurdistan, Iran, where the traditions, clothing and culture were entirely different to the rest of Iran. Read more...

Jameh Mosque, Yazd

Fresh Bread And Two Awesome Guides

Iran |

Squinting as I look up into the deep blue sky to the cooling towers and minarets that extrude into the skyline, I drag my fingers along the narrow alleyway walls, feeling the warmth from the mud and straw texture under my tips, absent minded I follow the smell of fresh bread wafting into the air. Read more...