Sea To Summit

Sea To Summit

| Australia to Africa Sponsorship

Sea to Summit’ has sponsored many amazing people in the past. When I looked up their company website before approaching them for sponsorship, I was blown away by the amount of people they supported doing a wide range of activities. When I got a reply back from them, I was blown away that they thought I was a good ambassador for their company. Now I am going to be posted on their website along side all these amazing adventurous people.

Sea to Summit is a worldwide manufacturer of high quality outdoor, backpacking and travel products and accessories. They manufacture and distribute products for skiing, camping, hiking, climbing, backpacking, motorcycling – I bet you they never thought that they were going to supply gear for a motorcyclist!

But like all travellers, I still require high quality products and accessories. Seas to Summit have supplied waterproof compression sacks to ensure my sleeping bag, and clothing are not going to take up too much room! A first aid bag, cutlery set made out of T6 aluminium (ensuring lightweight and super strength), dry bag and a bag of kitchen bits.

Now kitchen bits, doesn’t sound that exciting, but I just love the tiny bottles and small jars, the tiny grater and whisk and you can not forget the small flexible chopping board! Ok maybe Im the only one that gets excited by tiny things…