Cape Of Good Hope, Cape Town

Welcome To Cape Town

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After Loren and Alex had kindly taken us in, we had two weeks of absolute bliss. We were given hot showers, a clean bed, amazing food and a taste into good South African wine.  On top of that we had all our motorcycle gear washed, ironed (where possible) and folded before I even had woken up. Loren and Alex had given us a warm welcome and a fantastic introduction to the amazing Cape Town culture.

But in actual fact we weren’t in Cape Town yet. We were actually 46 kilometers away from it in Somerset West. So, after a couple of weeks of living in complete luxury. We packed our bags ( well minus one panier) and rode on to Cape Town city center where we made a new home in yet another backpackers, now its time to explore!

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
The view of Table Mountain from our guesthouse in Cape Town city center.

I have never experienced this before, but I’m proud to say Cape Town gave me the reverse cultural shock! Ever since leaving home, I’ve obeyed a few simple rules to try and avoid muggings or any other nasty stuff. Sometimes this might make me a paranoid freak but so far so good, I’ve only had one incident in the three and a half years I have been on the road. On my first night in a backpackers in Cape Towns city center, I discovered what I would call normality. Cape Town was almost like home. I saw people walking in the streets during the day time. When the sun set, I saw people walking in the streets at night. These people weren’t huddled over, with their backpack safely in front of them, jumping at every shadow. But normal people, walking proudly in the streets not afraid. Dont get me wrong, there are opportunist out there but isn’t there in all countries?

Cape Town From Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
This is Cape Town from Table Mountain.

We spend ten days exploring what Cape Town had to offer. We started with the more popular list of things to do, Biscuit Mill Market on a Saturday. Attempting to hike up table mountain from the City Centre (a bad idea – I failed to summit due to exhaustion and lack of food). Second attempt, we rode up to the car park like normal people and set out with snacks in our bag plus plenty of water. This time we made it to the summit. There was just so much to do, the days whizzed past and we were due to move to the Southern Suburbs and stay with strangers who offered their spare room to us.

Mike In Hout Bay
This is Chapmans Peak Drive, overlooking Hout Bay.

We rode down the west coast, along Chapmans Peak drive all the way down to Cape of Good Hope. This isn’t the most southern point of Africa but its one of those points where you park your bike in front of the sign and take a picture that says “I’ve made it!” It feels great, and the attention you get is fantastic. For me, it was exactly that – I made it.

Cape Of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

While standing in the queue with my motorcycle for my moment with the sign. I meet a couple of Queenslanders. They recognised my motorcycle’s number plate and decided to come over and chat with me. In front of me was a group of people from Bangalore, India. They had their moment in the spotlight and when they went to walk away letting me have my turn they realised I was more interesting than the silly sign and swarmed my motorcycle. For the next 5 minutes they all took turns getting a picture of themselves with my motorcycle. While I waited by the sign holding up the  original queue. Mike was laughing so hard, I couldn’t help it but join in. I got my attention after all.

Cape Of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa
And, I finally got my picture!

Once I was able to leave Cape of Good Hope we rode up the Eastern side of the peninsula to a small suburb called Fish hoek where our new hosts Nichelle, Christo, and their two dogs James and Luke live. We had a warm welcome into their home another island paradise within Cape Town.