Spider Grips

The Package

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Every now and then I forget my lunch and have to race home on my motorcycle to get it. On this particular day, I raced home, ran up the steps to my front door and unlocked it. As I stepped into the house, I noticed a red slip of paper on the floor. It was the size of a bookmark and it had my name on it. Which meant I had a package waiting for me at the post office!

Excited, I grabbed an old calico bag off my bedroom door knob and took off to the post office with my red slip of paper. Handing it too the lady behind the counter, she checks my names against my drivers licence and dispersers into the back room. Returning to the front counter she hands me large square box. Stunned at the size, I realise there is no way I was going to fit that into my tiny calico bag! I polity ask her, if she has a plastic bag that would fit such a box. She laughs at me and says no. I then, ask for some string. and she hands me four pieces of string each about 40cm long.

Walking out to my motorcycle, with my large square box under my arm and my useless calico bag hanging around my wrist, I quickly thought about all the possibilities how to get it back to my house. I could walk the box home and return for my motorcycle, but after queuing up, I was already going to be late back to work. For smaller packages, I normally stuff under my jacket, but this one was larger than the two your old kid – therefore I ruled that out. I could tie the box on behind me, but the string is too short. After thinking of a couple of other rediculas options, I settled on tieing it to my handle bars.

Taking two pieces of string to tie them together to form a longer piece and then thread it through the lid of the box. Once through, I tied them together. Repeating with the second one, I had created a handle on my box. Slipping the handles over my hand bars of my motorcycle. The box, sat out to one side, not just by a little bit, but a lot! I couldnt believe it. But there was no other options. Leaving the Post office car park, fingers crossed I wouldnt meet a police man on the short four blocks home, I then realised everyone in West End was looking at me. Luck was on my side, as the one set of traffic lights were green. I managed to get home, with my box and without a ticket. I was happy, but I now had no time left in my lunch break to open it! Devastated, I went back to work, thinking about what could be in my box.

Returning home that night, I was so worked up – I was just dieing to open that great big box! Carefully cutting the tape that sealed the box, opening the top laps, I peer inside. My vision was still impaired as it was filled with little bags of air. Once I had removed these, I discovered it was a package from one of my sponsors! Hooray they were finally here, two years supply of multi coloured handle bar grips, stickers galore and one really nice tee-shirt all courtacy of Spider Grips. Now I was going to have to find a way to zip tie all of them to my motorcycle!

Spider Grips are a American based company, and have chosen to support me and my adventures for the next two years. I have chosen to use the multi coloured M1 for off-road use. The are acoustically acoustically engineered to rebound and absorb more vibration than any other grip on the market.  The dual layered M1 grips feature a full flange and a super strong end cap ideal for Off-Road, Dual-Sport and Motard riding. Best part about them is that they come in 9 colors, Titanium, Graphite, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green and Pink. And Ive got one of each!  Which one should I start out on?