Mike in Kigali Hospital, Uganda


Mike in Kigali Hospital, Uganda

Mike Vs Malaria

Uganda |

Mike and I headed back to Kampala after dropping my Auntie Chriss off at the airport, with a small but annoying motorcycle maintenance list, which had to be completed before we could head off towards Rwanda. Read more...

Chriss & Danielle Uganda

Goodbye & Farewell Chriss

Uganda |

Kampala seemed overwhelming with the crazy boda boda traffic and the ultra-busy guesthouse compared to our tranquil memories of Murchison Lodge. We were all absolutely buggered from our amazing ten-day tour around Uganda, visiting the source of the Nile at Jinja, learning all about coffee in Sipi, and then driving across the country to Murchison National Park where we spent three days spotting animals in the long savannah grass. Read more...

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans, Sipi, Uganda

Coffee Aromas

Uganda |

I am watching the sunset over the flat plains of Uganda, from our perch high above on the edge of Mt Elgon. It has been a great two days here, but tomorrow we must move on and head towards the sunset. Read more...

Danielle & Chriss at the Equator, Uganda

Baboons and Elephants

Uganda |

We are all packed up and ready to roll in a four door Rav 4! Yes, you heard right. I’ve swapped my two wheels for four in the coming month as my Auntie Chriss from Australia arrived into Entebbe airport a couple of days ago. Read more...

The Source Of the Nile, Uganda

Tantalizing Jinja

Uganda |

In Uganda, the word ‘Ginger’ is spoken amongst tourist all the time, long before arriving in Uganda, I knew all about it. Now, I’m not talking about a tall strapping young ginger lad or the taste of spicy sweet delicacy of a ginger zingiber. Read more...

Curious Children, Mt Elgon, Uganda

Welcome to Uganda

Uganda |

Border formalities are always the same, but this time it was unusually relaxing. I was enjoying the feeling of the sun’s warmth while casually talking to the two friendly border guards as they took down our motorcycle details. Read more...

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